Errata for Exams RHCT & RHCE
Page 73: The output of the second awk command example on the page should have file owner name in the first column, file size in the second, and name of the file in the third column.

Page 78:
The default prompt for the C and TC shells is the % sign, and not the $ sign as stated.
Page 92: The first command on the page has two double quotation marks with a single space in between:

      $ w | tr -s " "

Page 100: The command line at the bottom should be read as:

      # toronto chicago london tokyo

Page 102:
Line #11 in the script should have -e option with the echo command, as follows:

     (incorrect)   echo “Enter name of file you want to remove: \c”.
     (correct)     echo –e “Enter name of file you want to remove: \c”.

Page 108:
The second nice command on the page should be read as:

      # nice --18 system-config-users

Page 111: The last paragraph under Summary should say "Finally, you learned how to run commands immune to hangup signals.".
Page 121: There is a typo under "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface". The first sentence should be read as "ACPI is a standard for ...... ".
Page 128: There is a typo in the heading and it should be read as Major and Minor Numbers.
Page 151: There is a typo in the name of the second category which should be read as Servers.
Page 178: The second sentence under the heading Packages and Packaging should be read as "Files contained in a package include ...... "
Page 179: The fourth sentence under the heading Package Database should be read as "The information contained herein helps ...... "
Page 355: The word sinlge should be read as single in the 4th line.
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