Errata for Exam HP0-091

The following errors are reported:

2.3.6 ... Third sentence should be read as "They are also referred to as FIFO because they use First In First Out mechanism".

2.4.3 ... The third sentence in Column 1 description should read "File permissions are explained .............."

6.2.1 ... One of the paragraphs should be read as: "Obtain signal names and signal numbers from the output of the kill command with -l option to be specified ............"

7.4.2 ... The first note should read "Each SCSI disk must have a unique ........."

8.1.5 ... After the installation steps, a few bullets are displayed. The fourth bullet should be read as "Enter correct system date and time."

11.2.1 ... In Table 11-1, line entry for -G group,group... Maximum suplementary groups supported are 20 (not 15).

11.2.1 ... After running the "useradd nancy" command line, the output should reflect the correct home directory for her:

               # grep nancy /etc/passwd


11.3.1 ... The output from the example command line for adding a group account should be:


11.3.2 ... The command line to modify and display group account should reflect the correct dba1 GID (201):

                # groupadd -g 201 -n dba1 dba

                To verify:

                 # grep dba /etc/group


13.2 ... The first item on the list should be High-Performance File System and not High-sierra File System.

13.3 ... The second sentence should be read as: The following sections explain how to perform file system management tasks.

17.2.1 ... The first example command line should be:

     # fbackup -f /dev/rmt/0m -i /home -l /tmp/index.home

19.3 ... First paragraph, third sentence should be read as "crontab files for users are located in the /var/spool/cron/crontabs directory."

19.4.1 ... The file you cat is /etc/syslog.conf and not /etc/syslog.log.

21.2 ... The last sentence should be read as: "Following example scripts are created in /usr/local/bin directory".

21.2.1 ... The 8th line in the box starts with the command "echo" and not 'Echo".

21.2.10 ... The script shoud have "passwd $USER" after the useradd and before the passwd -f $USER command lines.

21.4.2 ... The script shoud have "passwd $USER" before the passwd -f $USER command line.

22.2.2 ... The 4th sentence should be read as "Ethernet networks typically use the star topology."

22.4 ... The first sentence should be read as: "The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) is a reference networking model developed in the early 1980's by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to provide .......".

Q48 ... The question should be read as "Where does "cd ~user2" takes you if you run it as user1?

Q61 ... There is only ONE answer to this question.

Q73 ... There is only ONE answer to this question which is chmod 751 filename.

Q177 ... The answer is B.

Q237 ... The answer is A.

Q422 ... The answers are B and D.

Q517. Which command would you use to create a new volume group? The answer is C.
Q518. What does cX represents in the cXtXdX SCSI device file naming convention? The answer is A.

Q517. What happens if you do not specify the size of a logical volume when you run the lvcreate command to create a new logical volume? The answer is B.

Q518. Which directory holds most log files? The answer is C.

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